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By Shopify September 17, 2020 0 comments

Wow my first blog post!

Never thought this is something I would be doing, but the more things start unfolding on this Rawsueshii journey I felt it was best to start documenting it, even though this isn't the start of my journey, its definitely a new beginning and I know greatness is on the way! 

A year ago I started looking on vendors for the first time ever, I took a break from youtube because I knew God had something bigger for me in store. I started looking for new products and things I wanted to create in the future, and thats really where and when I started to love the business aspects of being a creator...a new born entrepreneur...bare with me guys my keychain launch is about 2 hrs away now and I am so excited and jittery so this writing probably isn't the best, but I think its a beautiful way to share my thoughts with you all! There is so much more I want for Rawsueshii beyond art, beyond youtube and I am more than excited to share it with you. Greatness is coming and its all because of God my family and you!

Honestly if it weren't for God I don't know where I would be! His grace and mercy is so efficient! His word has lead me down a path of faith and prosperity and  I would loved to blog about my spirituality more on here as well! Faith without works is dead, and I have been working you guys a lot! But it comes easy to me simply because I LOVE what I do! I remember being in high school and i wouldn't sleep until I got a drawing done, I was so passionate about it, it kept me going, excited and happy! I will definitely make a video on my story and how I got to where I am but, I am still growing and have so much more to learn and accomplish, and thanks so much for everyone who has followed me on this journey so far.

P.S. Excited to start blogging more on here!

Peace Love and God Bless

Christina Lorre'





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